Sunday, 17 September 2017

Hi everyone
Gosh ,week 9 already and it will fly by like the rest of the weeks. Here is the week ahead:
Wednesday: School singing 8.45am
Thursday: Go4it - pack PE gear. 
5.30-7 pm School Disco-Always a fun night out.  Put your dancing shoes on and get involved - your kids would love to have a dance with you. 
Friday: Assembly - we are on assembly this week. There will be some children coming home with a reading to practice for our assembly.  It starts around 2.05pm. We would love to see you there if you can make it. 

We will be completing assessments for our portfolios this week, so they are ready to go out in the last week of the term. Also a little heads up for Week 10,  I will be away on a Religious course for two days, Mon 25th and  Tues 26th so a reliever will be in. 

Have a lovely week - looks like more rain - how unusual!!

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Welcome to Week 8
Te wiki o te reo Maori, Maori language week

Kia ora:)

This week is Maori language week, so we will be doing lots of fun Maori language activities each day.

Here is a really easy Pepeha we are going to learn this week, it ties in nicely with our Church strand in RE.  You can have a go at helping your child learn it.

Tena koutou. (Greetings everyone)
Ko ______________ toku papa. (My dad is _____)
Ko ______________ toku mama. (My mum is _____)
Ko ______________ taku ingoa. (My name is _____)

Tena koutou katoa.

Here is the week ahead:

Wednesday: School singing 8.45am
Thursday:  Go4it - pack your child's PE gear
Friday: Sausage sizzle - juicies for sale. 

Our wonderful PTA are running another disco on Thursday 21st September from 5.30-7pm. If there are any parents who would like to help could you please let our disco coordinator Lynda Fox know. Her email is      Thank you.

A little heads up - we are on assembly Week 9, Friday 22 September. It starts around 2.10pm, we would love to see you there if you can make it. 


Steam pudding with custard will be for sale at school on Wednesday the of 13thSeptember for only $2. 
Please order through your classroom teacher.

Proceeds will go to support activities run by the Whanau Group. 

If anyone is available to assist with the delivery of the puddings on Wednesday. Please come along to the hall kitchen at 1pm. 

Have a great week. 

We had a fun time at Go4it this week. We are learning how to throw. What great athletes we have in Room 11. 

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Hi all
Welcome to week 7. 
A bit late for the blog tonight sorry, I was glued to the TV watching the Silver Ferns beat the Aussies!! Yipee!
Here is the week ahead: 
Wednesday: School singing 8.45am sharp
Thursday: Go4it - remember PE gear. 
Friday:  Nativity of Mary Mass 9am in the church. All friends and family are welcome to come along and celebrate with us.
There are only three people whose birthdays have traditionally been celebrated by Christians. Jesus Christ, at Christmas; Saint John the Baptist; and the Blessed Virgin Mary. And we celebrate all three birthdays for the same reason: All three were born without Original Sin. Christ, because He was conceived by the Holy Spirit; Mary, because she was kept free from the stain of Original Sin by the action of God in His foreknowledge that she would agree to be the mother of Christ; and Saint John, because he was blessed in the womb by the presence of his Savior when Mary, pregnant with Jesus, came to aid her cousin Elizabeth in the final months of Elizabeth's pregnancy.

I hope all the Dad's had a lovely day and enjoyed the kids stories on the blog. (below - remember to hit the 'older posts' tab for more stories)

Have a great week.

We have been learning to measure and compare lengths - US! We now know who is the tallest and who is the shortest in our class!!
Great work kids.